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          Service Hotline:400-6768-616

          TONGJIALED WEB: http://www.zhihuifachangjia.com


          About us

          Tel :+86-0769-8662 5999
          Fax :+86-0769-8200 2227
          E-mail: mhj@togialed.com



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          Toll-Free Hotline: 400 676 8616
          Taiwan general headquarter (Investment, Brand & Management,)
          Taiwan Togialed Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
          Address: No. 189, Sec. 2, Fuxin road, Taipei City, Taiwan
          Tel: +886-2-77243232
          E-mail: tw@togialed.com

          Dongguan Company (Marketing & Business & Manufacture)
          Dongguan Togialed Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.
          Hotline Tel :+86-0769 - 8662 5999
          (Business advisory press 1, Complaint and advice press 2, Company introduction press 6, Voice Messages press 8 )
          Mob :+86-15916882686 (Andy Ma-Sales Manager)
          Fax :+86-0769 - 8200 2 227
          E-mail: mhj@togialed.com
          Website: www.zhihuifachangjia.com
          Address: No. 96 XinTou Industrial Zone, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China

          Hongkong Company (Investment, Management & Business)
          Togialed Photoelectric International Investment and Management (HK) Co., Ltd
          Tel: +852-6678 2189
          Address: 16 Floor, Bifa Business Building, No. 28, Shaxi Street, Wangzhai, Hongkong

          Shenzhen Company (Distribution Centers & After-sale Service)
          Shenzhen Branch of Togialed Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
          Tel:+86-0755-8886 9256
          Fax:+86-0755-8482 4032
          Address: 10 Building, Xiangyuer Industrial Zone, Longgang District,
          Shenzhen City, China

          Quanzhou Company (Product R & D, Design, Manufacture)
          Quanzhou Branch of Togialed Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.
          Tel:+86-0595-23456 565(Not Open for Business)
          Address: Daxiamei High-tech Industrial Zone,Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China
          (Note: Please send a mail with your brief introduction to us if you’d like to join us.)